2011. július 8., péntek



Pinto 73'

Original model by Grungy Harry, Pumbars
Rim is made by me

2011. június 30., csütörtök

Lexus IS300

No sending, downloading!

Original model is by Oskarozianas @ EMzone

Skyline R30

No sending, downloading!

2010. február 8., hétfő


Finally got my Beauti back! (Actually its Mitako's and mine.)
I lost it like a year ago when i reinstalled my PC.
But now...I am happy as hell!Got it back tonight from BloxBloger. ( http://www.blox-and-blind.blogspot.com/ )
Rly thank you :).

2010. február 2., kedd

Nissan Skylution 8

Well the title says it all...
Nissan Skyline R34 + Mitsubishi Evolution 8...
Call me stupid but this car is BAD AASSSSSS!!! :D
I invented it today xD.
The idea just came like: I was surfing on youtube and other stuff and then....HEYY WHAT IF I WOULD COMBINE A SKYLINE AND AN EVOLUTION 8??? :D
I used Keisuke's R34 Blitz (original R34 is made by Hiro).

So here is the result, hope you like it...if not i dont care...

2010. január 23., szombat

Sabre update

Hi guys, i made this Sabre update for Wolf.
It was kinda a hard work xD.Wolf found too much bugs :S.

Let's see:
Purple Windows
Cwest Intercooler (The red letters were Wolf's idea.)
Lowered bodykit (Well its not rly a bodykit i just lowered the original.)
Steering Wheel
Sparko racing seats
Cwest spoiler
Momo wheels

I think thats all.
Hope you like it ^^.